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High-Speed Doors

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High-speed doors are mostly used for industrial applications. These doors are technical upgrades of standard roll-up doors or rolling shutters.

The main difference between standard doors and upgraded ones is that the upgraded versions are much more durable and have higher operating speeds than the standard ones. High-speed doors can perform over a greater number of opening and closing cycles and the maintenance and repair costs are much lower.

High-speed doors are usually used in any place where there is movement of goods and in which doors have to meet specific demands. For example, in the food and beverage or medical supply industry, high-speed doors ensure rapid opening and closing to reduce temperature loss or prevent drafts. These doors can also be designed in larger sizes than standards ones to meet the needs of the aviation and quarrying industries.

High-Speed Door: Folding or Rolling Model

High-Speed Door

High-speed doors – general information

The screen material is made of double polyester layers. The screen layers are produced according to customer specifications.
For example: to insulate temperature, create vacuums in rooms, or enable cargo passage and aircraft passage.

The opening and closing speed is 2m/second. This speed can be increased or decreased according to customer specifications. Manual operation is possible in case of emergency.
The door is raised by a 3-phase electric engine connected to a smart control system on a computer motherboard, with various options for the customer to choose from, such as a control switch built into the motherboard itself, an emergency stop mushroom switch installed on the inner side of the wall, a remote control receiver for operation from a distance, a permission loop in the floor or roof (with a rope), a radar detector, a magnetic card (dialer), or a mobile phone number reader.

Additionally, the door can be optionally connected to other systems, such as fire detection or alarm systems, electric locks, or short circuit accessories, according to the customer's wishes.
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Doors tracks material and cover

High-speed door, roll-up model: The tracks and covers are made of fiberglass (strong plastic material made of glass fibers)

High-speed door, fold-up model: The tracks and covers are made of insulated aluminum and fortified iron.

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